Simplicity® Analog Dimming Systems

HUNT Dimming offers a family of legacy Simplicity® products for applications from simple slider based analog systems to single-point-of control high-power mini-systems or individual wallbox units. Analog dimming provides the user with simple, intuitive, manual controls to operate the system.

Controlled lighting includes: Incandescent, Fluorescent, Low-Voltage, Neon and Cold Cathode light sources, as well as, Fan-Speed and Motor Control loads. Custom 50Hz & 60Hz systems are available for Export and specialty applications.

No matter what your dimming needs, HUNT Dimming can supply you with a flexible design solution to meet your needs.

PR-4 Panel
H-Series Panel
Prewired Panel

Analog Dimming Features

  • True, continuous dimming
  • Simple-to-use, easy-to-understand
  • Low-voltage, Class II, control wiring
  • Hard-wired to a planned configuration/application
  • Field proven for over 40 years
  • Requires no programming

Simplicity® PR-4 Preset Dimming Control Panel

Designed To Accommodate Diversified Lighting Control Requirements.

  • Control 4 to 15 zones of lighting from full OFF to full ON in four different scenes. Each scene may be randomly accessed
  • 7 models meet virtually any lighting control application
  • Zone lighting managed by easy to operate slide controls
  • Four illuminated scene select switches provide easy readability
  • Optional remotes override presets and bring lighting to full brightness levels
  • Single fade rate control for all zones and all scenes adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds
  • Low-Voltage control
  • Distinctive styling
  • Elegant, brushed aluminum design with no visible screws
  • Transparent security door panel allows viewing of lighted slide controls inside of door
  • Door is magnetically latched and supported by hinges which are not visible when door is closed

Simplicity® H-Series Dimming Control Panel

A simple and economical alternative for lighting control.

  • Crisp, professional appearance
  • Anodized, brushed aluminum finish with black engraving (custom colors and engraving available)
  • Long 60 mm slide potentiometers simplify use
  • Flush mounted
  • Variety of models accommodate most dimming needs
  • Easy to install

Simplicity® Prewired Dimming Panels

Simplicity® Prewired Dimming Panels offer the most cost effective solution to high-power dimming needs. These panels are easy-to-install, and available in either surface or recessed-mounted styles accommodating up to 36 U.L. Listed dimmers with a maximum load of 72 Kw. The panels control Incandescent, Fluorescent, Low Voltage, Neon, Fan Speed Controls or non-dimmed loads.

  • Dimmers prewired to terminal blocks
  • Thermostatically controlled fans.
  • Air cooling vents
  • Engraved identification plates
  • Hinged door on recessed unit
  • Available with up to 36 dimmers
  • UL Listed
  • NEMA enclosure